Memorial Benches, Trees & Other Gifts to ParishBancs, Bouais en Mémouaithe et aut’s don à la Pâraisse


Requests are received on a regular basis, seeking permission to plant a tree or to donate a bench to the parish in memory of a loved one or for some other personal reason. The Connétable and Procureurs are most appreciative of the generous donations that have taken place over many years.

The Connétable was concerned that no formal record of such gifts existed and is to introduce a Register at the Public Hall. This new Register will show details of the gift, why it was donated, who donated it and the date of the gift. The wishes of those donors who wish to remain anonymous will be honoured but the gift and date will be recorded in the Register.

The Register will hold the details relating to all gifts to the Parish of St Martin but not monetary donations nor will it relate to gifts to the Churches, to States departments or the other bodies shown within this document that own land in the parish. Those groups hold their own records of memorial gifts as well as their own policies on the receiving of gifts.


Many donors believe that the Parish Connétable is the “relevant authority” from whom to seek consent for the placing of a bench or the planting of a tree on land in St Martin but this is not the case.

The most sought after sites fall under the jurisdiction of a number of different “authorities”, details of which are shown below:-

  • The Pine Walk footpath between Archirondel and St Catherines – Contact the Department of the Environment at Howard Davies Farm – Tim Liddiard Tel: 01534 441661
  • Dukes Wood – Opposite St Catherine’s Lifeboat Station – Department of the Environment – Tim Liddiard Tel: 01534 441661
  • Headland leading up to Archirondel Tower – The States of Jersey, Department for Infrastructure – Andy Forskitt Tel: 01534 448373
  • Land around Archirondel Tower – Jersey Heritage – 01534 633300
  • Gorey Promenade from Gorey to the Welcome Slipway – The States of Jersey, Department for Infrastructure – Andy Forskitt Tel: 01534 448373
  • Castel Green land alongside Gorey Castle – The States of Jersey, Department for Infrastructure – Andy Forskitt: 01534 448373
  • Gorey Harbour from Dolphin Court – Ports of Jersey – Mike Tait – 01534 447731
  • St Catherines Breakwater – Ports of Jersey – Robin Fitzgerald – 01534 447731
  • St Martin’s Parish Church Cemetery – The Rector Reverend Jonny Scott Tel: 07797 756094
  • St Martin’s Catholic Church Cemetery – Deacon Tony Ward – Tel: 01534 853953

There are likely to be other locations in the Parish and the staff at the Public Hall will do their best to assist with any query you may have.

St Martin’s Village Green

Numerous requests are received from those wishing to donate a bench to be sited on the St Martin’s “Village Green”. Such has been the response in recent years that a decision has had to be made to decline the positioning of any further benches for that location as we now believe there is sufficient seating around the “Green” and feel more would become a distraction.


The second most common gift received by the Parish is that of trees, in particular for the “Village Green”. The information supplied above in relation to land/site ownership equally applies to tree planting and donors should make contact with the relevant States department or organisation if the land falls outside of parish control.

Should a donor wish to provide a tree for parish owned land then they are asked to contact the Connétable at St Martin’s Public Hall.

Arrangements will be made for a suitable tree to complement the ongoing “Village Green” development programme taking place at the time. The donors’ wish will be discussed with the “Village Green” working team as the prospective gift may compliment a programme that the group might have underway.

The site location for any tree will rest with the Connétable although he or she will attempt to work closely with the donor and the “Village Green Working Group” to reach an agreement as to the suitable site.

The provision of memorial plaques for the tree will be encouraged but at the cost of the donor.

The Parish of St Martin will not be responsible for replacing any trees that die or are maliciously damaged.

Other Bequests / Memorial Gifts

Although benches and trees are the most common gifts there have been requests in the past for Memorial plaques and statutes in relation to individuals or events. Consent should be sought from the owner of the land but donors should also be aware that consent may be required from the Planning Department too. You are therefore encouraged to make enquiries with the Department of Planning & Environment before proceeding.