Rates Demands will be sent out on Friday 28th July. Please can we request ratepayers to pay their Demands online if possible in order to avoid added administration costs. Thank you!

Terms of PaymentTèrmes dé la Paiethie

Your payment will be made to the Parish of St Martin.

We will apply your payment for the purpose you specify e.g. dog licence, parking penalty, fine etc.

Refund and Cancellations

Where payment is required as an application filing fee we are unable to provide a refund even if you cancel your application.

For other payments, if you cancel your application before we have started to process your application we will consider a reimbursement.

No refund will be given for parking penalties and fines unless the charge is contested and subsequently amended.

Payment Enquiries

For further enquiries please refer to the Privacy Notice or contact the Parish on [email protected].